Abstract Poster Competition

2017 Abstract/Poster Submissions

Non-Resident Category
Resident Category
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There will be 3 awards given

1st Place - $1,500

2nd Place - $750

3rd Place - $500

Requirements and Procedures

Original research, case study, retrospective or meta-analysis are all acceptable.

Important: Please review the following before you complete and submit your abstract. All submissions are limited to a total of no more than 300 words (sections 4-8 below) and must include:

  • Title: Keep your title as concise as possible. Capitalize first letter of each major word.
  • Topic Category: See below for Suitable Topics.
  • List of Authors: List Lead author first, all other contributors should be included in order of their degree of contribution to the finished work. Include degrees and affiliations for each.
  • Aims/Objectives/Goal/Purpose: What does the research intend to demonstrate?
  • Materials and Methods: What methods and procedures were used to document and analyze your findings?
  • Results: Discuss the results and analysis of the study.
  • Conclusions: Authors conclusions and opinions are presented in this section.

The Lead Author for each abstract submission must be registered and must attend Desert Foot 2017.

Suitable Topics

  • Diabetic limb salvage
  • Neurological and vascular disease affecting the lower extremity
  • Diabetic wound care issues
  • Evidence-based standards of diabetic wound care
  • Cost-effective diabetic foot care
  • Preventative foot care for at risk populations
  • Any other topic relating to primary treatment or treatment of complications pertaining to at risk diabetes and wound care patients.


  • Abstract submissions are Due Friday, November 17, 2017 at Midnight
  • You can submit multiple abstracts
  • Abstracts will be judged by the Abstract Committee within a few days of submission and either Accepted, Rejected with Comments or Rejected
  • Judgment notices will be sent to participants via email immediately upon judgment
  • If rejected, abstracts may be revised and re-submitted
  • Once acceptance is received, participants should immediately register for the conference
  • Poster files should then be created and uploaded by Midnight, Wednesday, November 22, one week before the start of the conference
  • Winners will be announced in the Lecture Hall before the PM Break on Friday, December 1


All Lead Author Poster Presenters must be registered for the meeting and must attend. If you have not already done so, please register. Abstracts will be peer-reviewed by a committee chosen by the Desert Foot Chairmen.

This year's committee includes:
Charles Andersen, MD – Chairman
Delores Farrer, DPM
Suhad Hadi, DPM
Jaclyn Marino, DPM
Mario Ponticello, DPM
Arthur Tallis, DPM
Edward Tierney, DPM

Evaluation Criteria

  • Scientific Method: Are the methods appropriate for the type of study? Are the statistics or comparisons meaningful to the outcomes?
  • Perceived Importance: Do the results or presentation have any meaning to everyday practice? Do the results suggest a change in practice policies? Are the results preliminary requiring further investigation?
  • Innovation: Is the study new or different? Does it offer a different or new perspective?
  • Evidence Level: What level of evidence does this study/presentation represent? Is it high enough to consider using in patient care? Does it require further investigation before using in patient care?

Poster Preparations

Print posters to a maximum size of 4 feet by 8 feet, which is the outside dimensions of the standard 4’ x 8’ poster boards. Push pins will be provided.

Federal Express located in the Sheraton Grand Phoenix will be happy to print your poster. Please email them at usa5048@fedex.com and mention "Desert Foot" for a 30% discount.

Uploading Poster PDF Files

Please submit PDF files of your posters by Midnight, Wednesday November 22, one week prior to the start of the conference, so that we can publish them on the Desert Foot website for attendees. Posters posted online on the Desert Foot website get indexed by Google and receive widespread viewership.

The Poster PDF submission deadline is Midnight, Wednesday, November 22. Poster PDFs received after this deadline may not be posted online.